Effective Data Storytelling

Learn the fundamentals and frameworks so you can create great data stories.

Storytelling is the beating heart of effective communication. Without a good story your data is just a loose collection of tables and graphs, hard to get into and even harder to remember.

In this highly practical live course you'll learn:

  • Fundamental storytelling concepts, considerations, and tools.
  • A set of four different frameworks you can use to develop engaging data stories.
  • How to choose the right storytelling product to deliver your data story.
  • Strategies for illustrating your data stories.

Registration in this self-paced course includes:

  • Forever Access!
  • A set of storytelling process worksheets.
  • A set of storytelling product Canva templates.
  • One year of office hours with Chris Lysy (a $250 value).
  • Access to Creativity Toolkit Mini-Sessions - Upcoming topics include - Single Panel Comics, Icon Arrays & Pictograms, Simple Maps, Timelines, Annotated Charts, Before & Afters (exclusive to workshop participants).

Hybrid structure:

  • This workshop will be taught live every few months (the first live session will occur on May 28 & May 30 at 10 AM Eastern).
  • Following the first session a self-paced version featuring recorded lessons will be available to access at anytime.
  • Purchasing a workshop gives you the flexibility to take the self-paced version AND/OR attend any future live session.
  • You can even attend the workshop more than once!

Included with Purchase

Office Hours with Chris Lysy
Have questions? Want feedback? Need direction? Want inspiration? Join me weekly.
Chris Lysy
Creativity Toolkit Mini-Sessions
Join me for webinars and start building your own personal creativity toolkit!
Chris Lysy
1. 2. 3. Report!
Learn a simple audience-centered reporting strategy.
Chris Lysy
Canva Jumpstart
Interested in learning how to use Canva but don't know where to start? Start here.
Chris Lysy
Beyond the PDF
This is a short course about changing the reporting status quo.
Chris Lysy

Original Price: $349

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